Financial Planning for Professors

It takes years of education, teaching, and success to achieve a permanent position as a professor, and with that comes a number of exclusive financial benefits.

Making the most of those benefits when the time for retirement comes can be a challenge as professors can be faced with difficult choices and options. At The H Group,, we help professors understand their options clearly so they can move ahead and enjoy the retirement they have been working hard to earn.

Many professors have unique investment options available to them (typically including VALIC and/or TIAA-CREF). At retirement, professors must determine how their investments will play a role in their income. This requires thoughtful, customized tax, cash flow and retirement planning. In concert with your tax professional, we work to help you minimize the potential tax burden and maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

Many professors also have defined benefit pension plans available to them. These are very valuable in retirement but careful planning must be done to optimize cash flow and manage tax implications. In addition, a defined benefit pension may not be solely sufficient for day to day cash flow. Therefore, planning during working years is important in determining whether or not there will be enough money saved for retirement.

Retirement is not always the end of a career for some professors. Many move on to work in the private sector or pursue self-employment opportunities. No matter what happens after leaving education, professors must continue to plan for retirement. They may need to increase savings to compensate for missed pension contributions. If a severance is provided, planning for this one-time large payment is also important.

At The H Group, we offer financial planning for professors that creates a customized plan for their future. When it comes to financial planning for professors in Oregon and across the country, our team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals are here to guide you through the process.